Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vijay Devarakonda makes a dashing entry in MMLS Episode 2

YuppTV Originals is making great strides in web-series by offering cinematic brilliance on web. The latest web-series Mana Mugguri Love Story (MMLS)’s first episode on YouTube races past a million views in just few days.

MMLS portrays the main lead, Tejaswi Madivada as a young girl who comes to Hyderabad to live her dreams. It is about her journey in the big city. How she happens to meet and fall for two men at the same time makes this web-series a must-watch.

Opening to a thunderous response, the second episode features Vijay Devarakonda in a cameo role. After creating ripples in the industry with Arjun Reddy movie, Vijay is back on Mana Mugguri Love Story. The protagonist, Tejaswi comes to Hyderabad to work in an ad agency. She stays in her uncle’s place along with Mounima (Swara), her roommate. She experiences culture shock when she learns about Swara’s lifestyle. At one point, Tejaswi and Swara discuss their love-life and Tejaswi narrates her flashback with Vijay Devarakonda. Any girl would fall for this handsome hunk donning the role of a high-school boy, let alone Tejaswi.

The 18 episode series of about 20 minutes each will unveil on a weekly basis every Monday, on YuppTV Originals’ YouTube channel.

Besides, Tejaswi, Adith Arun and Navdeep, other prominent cast includes Mirchi Hemanth, Aishwarya Raj Madhiraj, Mounima Chandrabhatla, Dhan Raj and a host of other popular Tollywood personalities. Title track by Mickey J Meyer adds gravitas to the feel of the story.

When asked about the web-series, the cast mentioned that they are happy being cast in web series as everyone across the globe has the access to internet and can watch it anytime, anywhere.

Created by Nandini Reddy and directed by Sashank Yeleti, Mana Mugguri Love Story is a perfect tale of love, friendship and drama.

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