Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mana Mugguri Love Story Web Series Review

Mana Mugguri Love Story is a Telugu Web Series by YuppTV Originals from the house of YuppTV.


A Small-Town girl arrives in Hyderabad for a job in order to escape getting married. Her confusing character lands her in situations where she falls in love with two Men at the same time. The way she handles the confusion and the situations that arise henceforth leading to a mind-baffling conclusion makes up for the 18 episodes of the Web Series.


Lead Character Tejaswi Madivada

The heart of the series is the character of Swathi on whose life the story is based upon is gorgeously portrayed by Tejaswi Madivada. Tejaswi got into the skin of Swathi and made the character her very own. Bearing a strong relatability to the audience the character is the key to the series. Her mannerisms and her timely wit made the whole series entertaining.

Navdeep and Adith Arun

The two male actors are genuine to the core, never going out of character at any given second. The calm and cool character of Surya played by Navdeep and the wild and adventurous character of Rishi played by Adith were cordially convincing.

Hemanth and Mounima CH

The crazy cousin Bunti and the bold Roommate Swara played by Hemanth and Mounima CH respectively are crucial as well. The characters carry a considerable weight in the series and the two have managed to make it complete with their captivating performances.


The series is built on a concise script executed to the point but still lags at some intervals. A mixture of fresh comedy and empathetic emotions really keep the story going at a pace. There are some points where you see the regularity of the Tollywood indoctrinated principles but fortunately, these don't last much longer. Some level of emotional relatability which is a huge contributing factor to the content was strategically placed. High production values and skilled cinematography are an asset.


The series starts at the most crucial point of the lead actresses' life which takes us back into the story discussing the details of how she ended up in that position. The characterization of the lead character, the bold storyline, and the strategic pace of entertainment and emotion is what makes the series watchable. The relatability of the Swathi's life (the point where one has to choose between the safe and the adventurous character) to a majority of the girls in the city makes it intriguing to the working class populace.

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