Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Endukila Episode 1 Birth of Bad luck Review

Are you bored of watching the regular series? Repeated Hollywood series and other melodramatic stuff on television, then it’s time to say good bye to the old-fashioned television and switch to the world of Indian web series. Endukila is a family entertaining web series with super-engaging realistic content. Read more Hindi Breaking News Live

YuppTV presents “Endukila”- the first high quality premium digital content in South India. A certain amount of bad luck is inevitable in everybody’s life but what if, there is only bad luck in a person’s entire life…. And what if such a person falls in love with a beautiful woman. A series of comical errors that happen in the life of this unlucky fellow and how he manages to win over his lady love with the support of his friends and family overcoming his bad luck is the story of "Enduku Ila".

In first episode of the un predicted series Endukila, written by Lakshman. Sumanth Ashwin and Yamini Bhaskar are seen playing the lead roles in the hilarious Endukila web-series. The very mention of Vennela Kishore brings a slight grin to our faces and much to our joy, he has rendered his voice for this web-series. Music by Mahesh Shankar offers respite from the loud and hard-hitting music. Read more Tamil News Live

The story starts with the birth of Dhanush Rishi (Sumanth Ashwin) who is an ill-fated guy. He faces misfortunes throughout his life and bad luck becomes synonymous to his name. Dhanush aspires to become a horse rider and it is not very often that actors are seen donning such roles.

We are hoping that the first episode of Endukila is only a precursor to a hilarious ride.

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