Sunday, April 23, 2017

'Endukila' is changing the way web-series are made

Original content has taken over the digital space when it comes to entertainment. While a lot of brands are trying to fit in to this medium, it is quite a challenge for them to get viewers' time & interest.

Watch Endukila Web Series Season 1 All Episodes

YuppTV has hit the road with its original content which was launched by their brand ambassador Mahesh Babu.

It has gone the extra mile to bring cinematic brilliance to web allowing a refreshing change for the audiences.

YuppTV is a leading over-the-top online content provider as we know it. Their first web-series in the league of originals is a rom-com titled ENDUKILA, starring Sumanth Ashwin and Yamini Bhaskar.

Directed by Lakshman Karya and presented by Deva Katta, Endukila looks funny to the core and a must-watch.

The very mention of Vennela Kishore brings a slight grin to our faces and much to our joy, he has rendered his voice for this web-series. Music by Mahesh Shankar offers respite from the loud and hard-hitting music.

The entire series is backed with the best quality that the internet has ever witnessed.

What's more interesting about Endukila is that it strikes a chord not only with the millennials but also with the generation x and seniors.

The story starts with the birth of Dhanush Rishi (Sumanth Ashwin) who is an ill-fated guy. He faces misfortunes throughout his life and bad luck becomes synonymous with his name.

Endukila Telugu Web Series Season 1 All Episodes

Dhanush aspires to become a horse rider and it is not very often that actors are seen donning such roles.

Have you binge-watched the first 3 episodes? The shot where Dhanush is seen upset over his childhood love leaving his city for good will melt your heart for sure.

The scenes where Dhanush gets into tiffs with his father and dialogues like "Dasaradhudui lanti naaku ee daridrudu puttadam enti" are extremely humorous. Looks like Endukila will manage to establish relatability with misfortunes in everyday life.

We are hoping that the first episode of Endukila is only a precursor to a hilarious ride. Here’s wishing Endukila team and YuppTV all the best!


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