Friday, April 21, 2017

5 Reasons you must definitely watch Endukila web series.

The episodes of the much-awaited originals Endukila – a fun filled web-series are out. Directed by Lakshman Karya and presented by Deva Katta has already created a buzz on the digital space. Starring Sumanth Ashwin and Yamini Bhaskar, Endukila has received a tremendous response on YouTube. Watch the episodes on:!/shows/yupptv-originals/endukila

While everyone out there is busy binge-watching the first 3 episodes, we tell you why Endukila is it a must-watch:

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1. Powerful Dialogues: The powerful punch dialogues written by Lakshman Karya have already become popular. “Daridram na chuttu wifi la untundi”, relatable right? Sumanth Ashwin’s dialogue delivery has been appreciated in the entire series.

2. Horse riding scenes: Passionate about riding a horse, actor Suman Ashwin is seen riding the horse professionally with his lady luck. The Tollywood actor was seen in a different role in movies but in Endukila web series the actor has adopted a new look which appears stunning.

3. Quality of web-series: This is undoubtedly one of the first web-series with HD quality on the internet. The entire series is backed with the best quality that the web has ever witnessed.

4. Fun filled Rom-com: It’s a fact that all of us love action, thriller and sci-fi films but, what secretly inside a lot of us need romantic comedies too! Sometimes, we just want to sit back and watch a film that makes us feel good, reminds us of the first time we fell in love, makes us want to believe in ‘happy endings’ just like Endukila does. This web-series has all the ingredients for a perfect light-hearted watch!

5. Suspense element: We are eager to know if Dhanush turns lucky towards the end of the plot. The episodes capture a young and restless generation, their idea of romance, their friendships, their dilemmas perfectly well.

Watch all the episodes of the web series for a jolly good time.


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